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Phoenix Infinite

We can be sustainable now.


Global Warming, Over-Population, Soil Degradation, Landfills Overflowing, Water Pollution, Toxins Surround us. 

Is Sustainability a Mission Impossible? logo designed by Jenna Wadsworth McCarty

Phoenix Infinite's Mission is making sustainability possible in the here and now, for all of us.  A broad mission, the first objective we've chosen is to heal the soil. 

The first step in healing the soil is to begin returning organic waste to the soil without further polluting air and water.  The most time tested method to responsibly returning our waste to the soil is through composting: our first focus.  There are a myriad of ways to compost; many find this intimidating and never take the first step.  The benefits of composting, however, are far-reaching, not only benefitting the soil, but also reducing greenhouse gases, decreasing drought AND flooding erosion by increasing water retention and growth of vegetation, and decreasing run-off.  These are but a few of the benefits of composting, making it one of the easiest, most efficient and affordable ways for each person to make a difference.

Intricately connected to healthy land is water.  Life cannot continue without water, thus the second equally important objective: to capture and reuse water and reduce the waste.  This can be done through greywater systems, rainwater catchment, and decreasing water waste.

Phoenix Infinite aims to make participation in the sustainable movement possible for everyone, catering the solutions to the individual, finding the methods and systems that work best for each household.

How can you get involved?  Host a Party with a Purpose, attend a workshop, or start composting.  We're here to help you get started.


Wanted: Water!

October 9th, from 10:30 to 4, we'll tackle our water problems and conquer them with a multitude of solutions. Putting some of our classroom learning of water solutions to practice, we'll journey out in the landscape of the lovely Fullerton Arboretum.  JOIN US!

Jenna Wadsworth McCarty of Phoenix Infinite partners with Dr. Bill Roley to teach this 5-part series at the Fullerton Arboretum.

RSVP for Session 3: Water Concerns in an Arid Climate
at 657-278-3407.