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Phoenix Infinite

We can be sustainable now.

About Phoenix Infinite

The work of Phoenix Infinite is focused on soil and water.  Related to "Soil Saving," we offer composting workshops, consulting, and even Compost Parties!  For water, we partner with other area practitioners to plant the rain, and are gathering a greywater team, that will be able to install greywater systems, as well as implement other water conservation and reuse initiatives.  Our goal is to not only talk about sustainability, but to bring sustainability into our real lives, making it possible for all to participate in living sustainably.

Phoenix Infinite is seeking other groups and individuals who want to start turning the talk into action, to form a broad and comprehensive sustainability network in the Orange County region.

Phoenix Infinite aims to create a local partnership of artisans and craftsmen, businesspeople, and handyworkers who are skilled in designing, building and implementing their work in a truly sustainable and restorative way.  We are always looking for groups and individuals interested in applying sustainable and restorative approaches to their daily lives and work to partner together with Phoenix Infinite.

Phoenix Infinite is evolving and growing continually.  Birthed in 2001, as Universal Phoenix, we had a brief stint with hope as the main theme and hope-inspired artwork as the main staple.  The Phoenix slept (or perhaps, went up in smoke) for several years.  Now the Phoenix rises from the ashes as Phoenix Infinite.  With more focus and experience, Phoenix Infinite now has clearer vision, objectives and real purpose.

Naming Phoenix Infinite
The image of the mythical Phoenix, which lives a long life, dies in a ball of flames, then rises from its own ashes again and again, is a recurring metaphor in our world.  Pay attention, and it won't take long to notice the cycles of birthing and dying and birthing all around us.  Whether it be in macro-systems like economics or politics, or in nature both macroscopically (water cycle, energy cycle, life cycle) or microscopically (viruses and cells and micro-organisms which live and die in a matter of days), be it in our ideas, our emotions, our relationships, the cycles are everywhere.  Endings make way for new beginnings, death makes way for new life, creating the very space for that life to exist.  The Phoenix, therefore, is a symbol of cycles, of recycling, of the Circle of Life, of the Cycle of Return.  The perfect symbol for an organization whose work is founded in sustainability.


Wanted: Water!

October 9th, from 10:30 to 4, we'll tackle our water problems and conquer them with a multitude of solutions. Putting some of our classroom learning of water solutions to practice, we'll journey out in the landscape of the lovely Fullerton Arboretum.  JOIN US!

Jenna Wadsworth McCarty of Phoenix Infinite partners with Dr. Bill Roley to teach this 5-part series at the Fullerton Arboretum.

RSVP for Session 3: Water Concerns in an Arid Climate
at 657-278-3407.