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Make your compost faster and more easily with the Urban Compost Tumbler.  Manufactured right here in Southern California, this is a truly Local option!

The Urban Compost Tumbler, Made in Southern California!
Price: $250, and $38 for shipping and handling.
Urban Compost Tumbler, uct9
(Call if you are in the Santa Ana area and would like to arrange direct pick-up)

Perfect for small spaces, the Worm Factory® is easy to manage. When full, each tray weighs approximately 12.5 pounds, making lifting and arranging trays effortless. The Worm Factory®, by Cascade Sales Manufacturing Inc., uses an upward migrating design that makes producing this nutrient-rich "black gold" easy and effective! Master gardeners agree that compost made by worms is the most beneficial for your garden and house plants. 
The Worm Factory® is the perfect solution for any gardener looking for an easy, effective way to produce the best compost for their plants. Go green and help your garden with the Worm Factory®3-tiered Worm Factory, dark greenWorm Factory Kit_green(Made inthe USA!)
The Worm Factory
Competitor's Price: $105.00 
Our Price: $95.00

Worms by the Pound, Red Wrigglers
Competitor's Price: $35/pound
Our Price: $25.00/pound

Our special composting worms are raised with loving care right here in Southern California.
You'll be amazed to learn all the wonders of worm doo-doo.  Worms and other micro-organisms bring life back into the soil.  Packed with nutrients and many of the elements your plants need to grow, worm castings are an organic way to feed your plants. They also help to protect plants against white flies and aphids. Use in potted plants, in new plantings, or in established plants to revitalize the soil, and the plants.

Worm Castings: The Best Doo-doo on Earth!

Suitable for hot or cold composting, the Earth Machine is easy to use.  And if you want to move your compost pile to a new location, the shape makes it easy to simply lift the Earth Machine up and off the current pile and put it in the new spot.  A how-to manual accompanies the bin. 80 gallon capacity
black outdoor composting bin
The Earth Machine

Competitor's Price: $110
Our Price: $85
Sorry, Currently Sold Out!

FYI: The prices have jumped on these, so we're arranging an economical alternative in the New Year.  Call if you'd like to get one sooner.

Aeration toolMake the task of turning your compost pile so much easier, by simply plunging this aerator into the depths of your pile and pulling it back out.  Use this every week to increase the speed of your compost process.

The WingDigger, A Compost Aerator
Original Price: $30.00  Sale: $20.00

actual color: beigeStore it on or under your kitchen counter, or better yet, put one in every room for compostables-collection.  Collect your compostable waste and easily tote it out to the compost pile in this Collector. Actual color: beige, not brown.

The Compost Collector
Price: $12.00

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